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Друзья, хотим Вам сообющить что мы расширились и теперь у нас есть новая уютная гостиница п...

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Order tickets (on a plane, train, bus, boat)
     Now you do not have to run on nebhodimosti booths, airports and railway stations. Ask the administrator of your hostel "Panda" for you to order tickets. We will select the best flight or train, order tickets for you, explain how to get to the train station, or the airport, and if necessary - arrange transfer.
Pay for this service is not necessary! If necessary, you pay only for the transfer.
     Available Hostel residents Pandey has several cars of different brands, including the executive class. Ask our administrator, and we will meet you at the airport, railway station, can be at the bus stop or anywhere else. Help load your luggage in the car, on the way to the hotel will hold an introductory tour of the city.
     If you prefer the independence and individualism on the road, freedom, ease and unhindered movement, let us know about it, and the manager of the hotel will contact the owners of beautiful motorcycles, pilots are happy to take us to our hotel.
     When your journey will come to an end, we'll take you to land on time, conduct, and, most of all, to mourn for your departure.
Obvious and undeniable advantages Transfer Order hostel Pandey
-Good technical condition of cars and a good driving experience for drivers
-You will not get lost at the place of arrival, our driver will meet you with a sign
-We can help you with your luggage
-Our drivers know the fastest, shortest and safest route. This knowledge will save you from a possible situation to stand in queues and not come to the wrong address.
-The main type of our activity is the hotel business, so we are not trying to profit from this service. You only pay for the fuel that we use up our trip with you. The price will be two times lower than that of the official carrier.
Order a taxi
   -You do not tell me the shortest way to the station? -
   -You are not local?
   - Local, but the taxi driver ...
     This anecdote, it is easy to cover the gray, unfortunately, has not lost its relevance today. Despite attempts to improve the quality of official carriers of services, to the service people are wary. We hope that you will not happen the situation described in the famous joke. So try to help you.
Since the hostel Pandey live and work in the city of Krasnoyarsk, they have to somehow deal with a taxi. That is why, based on our experience, we suggest you use our Taxi. The machine will pick a specific time to a desired location. Our service for guests free of charge. You bargained with a taxi driver on the fact the fare.
Hopefully, your trip will be successful and fruitful.
Scooter and Bicycle
     Hotel Hostel Pandey gladly introduces you to the new service. Hire mopeds and bicycles. If you arrive in Krasnoyarsk summer you particularly lucky! There's no need to call on friends and family asking you to ride through the city. You will avoid having to stand in the hot sun at the bus stop, wait for his exit from the hot bus, or pay "experienced" taxi drivers.
     If you are not deprived of the spirit of adventure, want to explore the city, to be alone with nature, enjoy the free movement of traffic in the breeze, you need to contact our administrator. He will book you a scooter or a bike for the right time. Hopefully, your impression of the trip on our scooters and bicycles will leave a lasting memory of your great memories.

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